Chalkboard with rosettes and vintage jewelry

IMG_3173 This was a bunch of fun, and even my youngest was able to help.

You will need:


An empty frame:  You can find these at most any garage sale.

Plywood to put in the frame: Lowe’s will cut it right to fit in the store.  You can give them measurements, but I take the frame with me to the store.

Chalkboard paint: You can purchase at Lowe’s.  My sister has spotted chalkboard spray paint.  I’m not sure how well it works.  I can’t wait to try it!

Chalk paint your color choice (GO WILD):  I have a very easy and cheap way to make my own.

Strips of burlap; about 2 inches wide and 8 inches long:  Your sizes can vary depending on how large you want your rosettes.

Sander or sand paper: I of course prefer a sander any day of the week, but sand paper will work.  Don’t get the real gritty sand paper.




Glue gun

wax (optional)

Small nails:  The nails need to be small enough, so they don’t go through the plywood and frame.

Hanger for the back of the frame   IMG_3166   These are back by the nails at Lowe’s.

Vintage jewelry if you have it:  My father-in-law saves everything!!  He had this that belonged to aunt.  I had to tear the backs off of the earrings, but that was pretty easy.



Paint the plywood (This is where my slave labor came in handy.) IMG_3143

Paint the frame.

While that stuff is drying, begin making your rosettes.  You will need to twist and turn the fabric at the same time and hot glue as often as possible.  Make sure you pull tight, so your rosette doesn’t look…. stupid.

IMG_3145      IMG_3149


After the rosettes are done and the paint is dry (it drys so fast!), you can sand it up a little.  Don’t be shy!



You can wax it for a more finished look.  I use Annie Sloan.




Then you attach the plywood to the frame with the small nails.  You can do one at each corner and one in each middle section of the four sides.  My husband did this part because he was tired of taking the pictures.  I prayed that he would have handsome hands, and he does!



After all of that, glue those rosettes and jewelry on, and you have a fancy piece of work!






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