Thankful Canvas


We did this Thankful canvas five years ago.  The littles were so little, we had to write for them.  Everyone who came to celebrate with us that year wrote what they were thankful for.  This canvas is priceless to us now.  Our kids will have something from their grandparents and have a small glimpse of our life in 2010.  I hope it evokes special memories and feelings for them always. It is an awesome way to put a little bit of love on the wall during the fall season.

Where To Begin?

That’s a funny title for this post considering my blog is startwhereuare…  Didn’t even think about it.  School is in session!!!  My sister keeps sending me photos of her feet at the pool with celebration emojis all over the place.

I look around this hole of a house, and I seriously don’t know where to begin – so many options in not a good way.

I decided to bring my husband in on this one.  I sent him a text and said, “Do you want to play a game?”  I knew that would get an immediate response from him.   The game is, “You tell me the one thing that is driving you most crazy around this house, and I’m going to go take care of it like the Terminator”.

I am motivated when I am given a certain task, I’m doing something quite nice for my husband, and my house is getting back in order, so I can go take pictures of my feet at the pool.

Crazy Uno



Don’t you love UNO?  This is a version that is rip roarin’ fun!  It is addictive!  Even my Dad plays.  He is constantly having to draw cards and saying, “What is this for?”.

Play UNO like you usually do, but:

If a 4 is played no one can speak until the next player plays their card.  If someone does speak, they have to take a card.

If you play a zero, you can switch your hand of cards with anyone at the table

If a 7 is played, everyone has to slap down their hand (actual hand on their body, not their hand of cards)  on it.  The last person to put their hand down has to draw a card.

If a Draw 2 is played the next person has to draw 2 or, if the next person has a Draw 2, that person can put down a Draw 2, and the turn goes to the next person.  The next person would have to draw 4 if they don’t have a Draw 2.  If they do have a Draw 2, it continues until no one has a Draw 2.  At this point, a person could be drawing A LOT of cards!

The same rule above for Draw 2 applies to a Draw 4 card.


Cupcake Wars

I will start where I am, after some cupcake wars.  I have to prioritize, and family comes first.  I will forget the fact that my refrigerator looks like this:


IMG_3108   I have a little Christmas to clean out.

Now that I have your attention, we’ll talk about Cupcake Wars.  We evenly match ourselves.  I’m with the youngest.   My husband and my daughter who loves to bake are on the other team.  My son, who wants nothing to do with the entire scene judges.  This is cheap entertainment around here.

Lucy and I opt for the package brownie mix.  I got the big box of Hershey brownie mix at Sam’s.  Who knew you could make a brownie mix into a cupcake?  You can, and it is delicious!  The other two opted for homemade cinnamon apple cupcakes with a homemade apple filling.  I have to say, I’m a little concerned this time.  But, no worries.  I know the judge and his weakness – The Hogs.  I found red frosting at Aldi’s.  I love that store!  Just put frosting in a sandwich bag and cut a little tip off at the corner, and you have a decorating bag.  The judge, of course, got a better offer during the process of putting these masterpieces together and went to spend the night with someone.  So, the cupcakes will be a day old when judged.  Also, I had to add the photo with everything that spilled out of my baking drawer when one of my opponents somehow pulled out the whole thing.  Most everything we do around here does not go off without a hitch.


IMG_3105 IMG_3086 IMG_3094 IMG_3102 IMG_3100 IMG_3107



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