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This is what I was dealing with.  (You know, I don’t tell many people that I know about my blog because I really don’t care for the people I know to see the messier side of me.)  But, this file cabinet dates back to the 90’s from Target.  I kept having to put the front cover of it back on.  Sometimes I had to kick it to get it back on.  The papers were old and ridiculous and meaningless.  This piece of junk really just held our printer.  My husband was dealing with this cabinet with old files and papers.

IMG_4156    IMG_4204


So, I found this beauty at a garage sale for $5.  I just bought the file hanger set at Office Depot and BAM!

IMG_4158      I used my chalk paint to paint it.  It took about 30 minutes to paint and wait to dry so then I could distress with the sander.

IMG_4159                                     IMG_4174

We then began the process of weeding out the important documents.  We have a long way to go, but we have started where we are!  Forget the shredder.  We had to have a fire to get rid of a BUNCH of old papers.  And, now a little peace a lot less chaos.




Show me Your ways.

Show me Your ways, O Lord, Teach me Your paths.  Psalm 25:4-5

Sometimes there isn’t a clear direction.  We pray for guidance and confirmation, but all there is – is silence.  This is when it imperative to continue the journey with God closely.  It is the time to be aware and listen through all righteous IMG_4134

avenues that He may be speaking.  Even if you are not sure of His plans continue your prayers and seek after Him with an intensity. He has always proven faithful.  In uncertainty, peace prevails because you know that He will reveal His answer, His ways and His paths to you in the time that He chooses for your good purpose and His glory.


Instruction Manuals

I was feeling a bit OVERWHELMED today!  Take a deep breath and look what you gotten done instead of what has to be done.  I saw this somewhere on Pinterest.  This person was a little genius!   I had all of these manuals in a messy stack in a drawer.  Not anymore!  I started where I was, and completed this little project FAST!

IMG_4127                 IMG_4128


Strawberry and Banana Smoothie


Now, I realize this is going to be an obvious recipe for you veteran fasters.  However, when I first began fasting, I had no idea what I could eat that would be simple.  Make sure you pull the strawberries out of the freezer as soon as you wake up, so they can be thawing.  This is great for breakfast!

1 bag frozen strawberries

2 bananas

1/2 cup almond milk




“Lord, if it’s You,” Peter replied, “tell me to come to You on the water.”  “Come,” He replied.

Matthew 14:28-29

On the Sea of Galilee, when the familiar Bible story of Jesus walking on water takes place, Peter, his disciple, was in the boat.  The Bible doesn’t say anything about them being terrified of the storm.  I’m sure they were concerned, but the Sea of Galilee is known for producing terrible storms.  They had probably dealt with storms time and time again.  They were terrified because they thought Jesus was a ghost.

In the storm, in the difficult time, during chaos, Peter said to Jesus, “If it is You, tell me to come.”  Peter knew he would recognize His voice if it was Jesus.  He knew he could trust the voice.  “Come” was the first word Jesus spoke to Peter (Matthew 4:19).  Since then, Peter walked daily with Jesus.

Peter experienced how Jesus lived and how He loved.  He was witness to countless miracles that Jesus had performed.  He knew Jesus was the long awaited Savior.  He had a precious and intimate relationship with Him.

Sometimes in life we have difficult situations that are out of our control.  Will you, “Come” to Him during the chaos, storm and difficult time?  He has always proved Himself faithful.

Salvaging My Identity

I love our new book!  This week we are going to focus on  being content with what we have and where we are, because God can do great thing with our lives.  We are individuals with different backgrounds, funny quirks, and awesome personalities that He wants to use in a special place.  We are not going to obsess over our body image.  We should rather obsess over our relationship with Christ.  We are going to focus on spending time with Him this week, so He can make us beautiful inside.  Our concern is going to be pleasing God instead of other people.  Next week, we will discuss chapter 2.  I will be praying for you this week!!




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Chalkboard with rosettes and vintage jewelry

IMG_3173 This was a bunch of fun, and even my youngest was able to help.

You will need:


An empty frame:  You can find these at most any garage sale.

Plywood to put in the frame: Lowe’s will cut it right to fit in the store.  You can give them measurements, but I take the frame with me to the store.

Chalkboard paint: You can purchase at Lowe’s.  My sister has spotted chalkboard spray paint.  I’m not sure how well it works.  I can’t wait to try it!

Chalk paint your color choice (GO WILD):  I have a very easy and cheap way to make my own.

Strips of burlap; about 2 inches wide and 8 inches long:  Your sizes can vary depending on how large you want your rosettes.

Sander or sand paper: I of course prefer a sander any day of the week, but sand paper will work.  Don’t get the real gritty sand paper.




Glue gun

wax (optional)

Small nails:  The nails need to be small enough, so they don’t go through the plywood and frame.

Hanger for the back of the frame   IMG_3166   These are back by the nails at Lowe’s.

Vintage jewelry if you have it:  My father-in-law saves everything!!  He had this that belonged to aunt.  I had to tear the backs off of the earrings, but that was pretty easy.



Paint the plywood (This is where my slave labor came in handy.) IMG_3143

Paint the frame.

While that stuff is drying, begin making your rosettes.  You will need to twist and turn the fabric at the same time and hot glue as often as possible.  Make sure you pull tight, so your rosette doesn’t look…. stupid.

IMG_3145      IMG_3149


After the rosettes are done and the paint is dry (it drys so fast!), you can sand it up a little.  Don’t be shy!



You can wax it for a more finished look.  I use Annie Sloan.




Then you attach the plywood to the frame with the small nails.  You can do one at each corner and one in each middle section of the four sides.  My husband did this part because he was tired of taking the pictures.  I prayed that he would have handsome hands, and he does!



After all of that, glue those rosettes and jewelry on, and you have a fancy piece of work!





I Will Honor You

It is difficult to get my mind off the things that I want to do.  My prayer is that in everything I do (big and small), I would chose to honor You.  When I make choices all through the day, I pray You would be at the beginning of each thought.  My priorities should honor You.  Please don’t let me get lost in myself and my desires, so that I lose sight of my relationship with You.

How many pajama pants does a girl need?

IMG_3961 How many pajama pants does a girl need?  I’m going with 5.  2 flannel for the winter and 3 lighter pairs because as I get older, I get hotter (not in a good way).  I began the horrible job of cleaning out my closet.  I found Christmas presents I forgot to give one of my children (She was happy).  I found earrings that I bought 6 months ago (could have used those in December).

IMG_3966   My best piece of advice to myself has been, “GET RID OF IT!”  I started throwing piles of clothes onto the floor.  It was so freeing!  I have taken four trash bags of clothes to Goodwill.  Now, I could sell them off the Facebook sites (which is great!), but I need to get rid of a bunch – fast.  I’ve had it.  I’m resolved to not live like that anymore!

IMG_3969 IMG_3974   This is just the tip of the iceberg, Baby!  I folded them nicely because you might have to have a photo now for tax purposes for things you goodwill.  My husband is sure that we do better with goodwill than garage sales.  He says we get a better return.

This is not the picture that is posted on Pinterest.

IMG_3988  And , anyway, does someone want to weigh in on why this impeccable woman only  has one pair of shoes?

But, I can see my floor.  Now, I just need a paint job and a chandelier.  And, I do need to get rid of some more.  But, I’m a lot further now than I was yesterday!





Best Stir Fry, Ever!



3 T Olive Oil

2 Garlic Cloves (minced)  You can use the minced garlic that comes from the jar.

1 1/2 cups water

1/3 cup Soy Sauce (Tamurai Soy sauce can be used)

2 cups whole grain brown minute rice

2 cups frozen stir fry vegetables


Heat olive oil.  Saute minced garlic. Cook until garlic is translucent.  Add water and soy sauce, and let them come to a boil.  Stir in uncooked rice and frozen vegetables.  Return to a boil. Reduce heat to low.  Simmer for 5 minutes.  Remove from heat and let stand for 5 minutes. Fluff with a fork.


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