Money Saving Apps

money saving apps

I can’t ever find that stupid coupon I actually took the 30 seconds of my life to cut out, or I forgot it, blah, blah, blah…  I DO always have my phone with me, and I have learned about some awesome apps that save me money.  Let’s just start with Target because that’s where most of us are.  Cartwheel has saved me alot of money.  All I have to do is scan the products as I put them in my cart.  Sometimes, I feel like I have hit the jackpot.  Other times, not so much.  But, I’ve saved quite a bit.  And, I check out with my Target debit card, I save 5% on my total bill.  YIPEEE!  I love it when someone ahead of me is asked by the clerk if they are interested in the card.  I say, “Yes, you are!”  It’s not a gimmick!  It’s for real!!”  (They really need to use me in a commercial).

I stumbled across Wal-Mart Savings Catcher, and I love it!!  All you do is scan you receipt, and Wal-Mart finds all of the ad matches.  The place you scan is at the very bottom of the receipt.  It is almost too good to be true!  You have to wait a couple of days for them to look, but I’m good with that.  I love getting an email that says, “You saved $3.23.”  Then, the next time you go, you just simply present your email with the # they send you.  They take that amount off your next purchase!

Shopkick is my latest fun time!  You get kicks (or points) for walking into stores.  You get kicks for scanning certain products.  I got enough points and received a $5 Target gift card!

Ibotta is incredible!  You simply check it out before shopping, push the items you want rebates on, push the redeem button,and take a picture of your receipt.  After $5 worth of rebates you can get cash back!

These are amazing because I’m not spending money just because I have a coupon.  Money is being saved on the stuff I actually buy!  If you have any great money saving Apps, let me know!

Grateful for His Faithfulness

I attended the funeral of a five month old baby girl.  Her parents stood just a few feet from her tiny casket with their children sandwiched in between them.  I watched in awe as they lifted their hands in surrender and praise as a time of worship was led.

In the face of brokenness and despair, worship and gratitude have the power to bring hope.  From Psalm 42, David cries out, “My soul is downcast within me; therefore I will remember You from the land of the Jordan, the height of Hermon – from Mount Mizar”.  David remembered the faithfulness of God.  And, when you can recount His faithfulness you can’t help but be grateful. You are grateful for His presence and comfort that enshrouded you through previous trials.  You are keenly aware that you were never abandoned but held tightly because you are His.

I heard a great illustration.  When you face a colossal calling or a difficult circumstance it is as if you have been given a bigger pair of shoes.  You outgrew the previous ones and need a larger pair, but this new pair is just too big.  You have to grow into them just as you did the last time.  You will be able to fill them as you grow, learn, trust, remain obedient and, most importantly, as you remember and are grateful for His faithfulness.

I have watched the parents of this precious baby girl since childhood.  I have seen them get bigger shoes, and they have always managed to grow into each pair.  I can’t imagine the difficult journey they have in front of them, but I’m certain they will prevail with grace and courage because they have placed their everything into the hands of God.  I watched as the father of this sweet baby girl stood on stage and addressed those who attended his daughter’s funeral.   He mentioned that he didn’t wear his religion like a badge.  He said he knew God would give him the words he needed for that moment.  There was such power, strength and hope in his words when he said their desire was for everyone to know Christ.  He knew that his precious daughter would have fulfilled her purpose on earth if just one came to know Jesus in a personal way.

Their perspective is different.  They have suffered the greatest tragedy of all, yet choose to stand fast and trust in the sovereignty of God.  They choose to remember and be grateful for His faithfulness.

Most of us will never feel the horrific pain from the loss of a child.  But, trials and suffering deepen and refine our gratefulness.  We are more appreciative and learn to not take things for granted.  The small things become enormous and normalcy becomes a joy.


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