We Don’t Have To Be Right. We Have To Do Right.

Anything regarding my family and kids or Monopoly I’m just right about.  Don’t question me.  This was my take until just this weekend.  After 39 years of living I’ve finally come to the conclusion that I just don’t have to be right.  But, I do have to do right.  In Numbers 20, Moses sent messengers to the King of Edom to ask if he and the Israelites could pass through their country.  He made it clear that they would only pass through and pay for anything that they might have to have.

The King of Edom said absolutely not, and if you do, we will come and try to kill you.  Moses asked once more and this must have really ticked the King off because he came out against them with a huge powerful army.  Then, the Bible says, “Since Edom refused to let them go through their territory, Israel turned away from them.”  That’s it.  They just turned away.

YOU KNOW MOSES WAS RIGHT!!  He could have so taken them down.  He had fought a billion (well a bunch) of battles and God was with him.  He could have taken Edom, but he chose not to.  Because Edom was a country that had come from Esau – the brother of Jacob (Israel), he chose to DO right.  He let it go.

How hard it is to just let it go.  But, we are called to do right and have the same attitude of Christ Jesus.  I will remember this the next time we are involved in an ugly game of Monopoly.


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