Where To Begin?

That’s a funny title for this post considering my blog is startwhereuare…  Didn’t even think about it.  School is in session!!!  My sister keeps sending me photos of her feet at the pool with celebration emojis all over the place.

I look around this hole of a house, and I seriously don’t know where to begin – so many options in not a good way.

I decided to bring my husband in on this one.  I sent him a text and said, “Do you want to play a game?”  I knew that would get an immediate response from him.   The game is, “You tell me the one thing that is driving you most crazy around this house, and I’m going to go take care of it like the Terminator”.

I am motivated when I am given a certain task, I’m doing something quite nice for my husband, and my house is getting back in order, so I can go take pictures of my feet at the pool.


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