Do It Scared


I came to a writer’s conference with a book proposal in hand. A publisher loved (maybe that’s a strong word) my concept. The interview was going superbly until she asked THAT question, “Do you have a platform?”  Stammering around, I informed her I had a blog with approximately one follower who was also my best friend.

Done. I was done.  Put a fork in me.

She asked me, “So, why don’t you get more?”

In my logical safe head, I don’t have any other followers because I don’t attempt to get them.  Getting followers would require that I post my posts to social media.  I would have to expose myself and be vulnerable. That sounds horrible!

I’m afraid I’ll sound stupid. I’m afraid of rejection. It’s junior high all over again with added weight and a few wrinkles.

Why do we do this?  The message is not ours to give. The message comes from God. They are His words, encouragement and hope that He wants to give to the ones He loves with all His heart.  We maybe the only connection to just that one.

We may be uncomfortable and exposed, but what a tiny price for such a marvelous privilege.

I answered that publisher honestly.  She said what I knew to be true, and it’s something we have to apply to most of life. She said, “Do it scared.”


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